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지금 놀자
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Items included in the Nell giveaway:
Healing Process album
Separation Anxiety album
Slip Away album
I will choose TWO winners for this giveaway.
Grand prize: TWO Nell albums of his/her choice
Runner-up: ONE remaining Nell album after the winner made his/her choice
You must be following my blog (unfollowing right after the giveaway is kinda.. well it’s not like I can not allow it but this giveaway is made for genuine Nell fans so I hope you enter with sincerity)
You must reblog AND like this post. Multiple reblogs will only count as ONE entry, but you can also do it with the purpose of promoting this giveaway.
No side blogs or giveaway blogs allowed.
This giveaway starts on 16th August 2014 and ends on 16th September 2014 at 0AM KST (I think it’s the only relevant timezone for this giveaway, I’m sure everybody is aware of this)
Winners will be picked randomly using a random number generator.
Winners will be publicly announced and will receive an ask, so please have your askbox open.
This giveaway is open for worldwide participation. I will ship internationally. 
If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask me in my askbox. 
In the name of Nell and their magical music, GOOD LUCK! -wanjanim
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So I was looking through the pics of Exo Die Jungs photobook and I came across this photo

Confused by the blonde Baekhyun, wondering if he recently dyed his hair again or was this last year

Then I saw this photo

Realising that the Berlin shirt looked so familiar

Then for some reason today, I decided to go through old saved pics of EXO…seeing this

Yeah, I’m just gonna go cry now…

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Anonymous asked : EXO's reaction to you being comforted by another one of the members instead of him (assuming you are his girlfriend)?


—- This is by far one of my favorite requests.——-

Baekhyun: *smiles and acts okay at first*image

When he talks to you later he is like

Baekhyun: I don’t really like you getting this close to the other members…

Chanyeol: He’d try to but in and see if he could comfort you instead


Kai: *Gets angry, make eye contact with you *fake smiles* then continues being angry behind your back*

Kris: Ey! Get away from my woman

Kyungsoo:  Don’t even think that I won’t mess you up if you try to hit on her

Lay: Is she seriously doing this? 

Luhan: *thinks to himself* theres probably nothing going on. just a normal friendship….

Sehun: She is seriously doing this? Is it to make me jealous or something? what a horrible attempt.

Suho: * buts in* Do you want me to buy you some new clothes? would that make you feel better? We don’t need to stick around here….

Tao: Are you going to sleep with him tonight then? I’m here?

Xiumin: Hey, uh. I’m here too. Can you cry in my arms instead of his? It’s making me sort of jealous here…

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DIE JUNGS coloring
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chenchen in die jungs
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